Case Study - Headless e-commerce platform for financial institutions

Wundr powers cross border shopping in the global super apps people trust and use daily, under the radar, so people only need to know they’re shopping directly with brands from inside their apps

E-Commerce platform


Wundr needed a headless e-commerce solution that can be integrated into mobile apps. Based on Saleor (Django), it’s a flexible, scalable platform that can be easily integrated within any application.

Hosting over 100,000 SKUs, the platform is designed to handle high traffic and large volumes of transactions. It’s also integrated with multiple payment gateways and supports multiple currencies.

The platform featured a customisable front-end that can be easily adapted to match the look and feel of any brand. It also supports multiple languages and is fully responsive. The back-end is built on a microservices architecture, making it easy to scale and maintain. Integrating with multiple payment gateways, shipping providers and tax services, the platform is designed to work in any market.

What we did

  • Headless E-Commerce (Saleor/Django) 🐍
  • Frontend (TypeScript/VueJS/React)
  • GraphQL
  • Gateway integrations

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