Case Study - Advanced Fleet Management with Emmisions Tracking and Predictions

Ecosphere is a fleet management platform that tracks emmissions that allows shipping companies to monitor and predict EU-EUAs in accordance to the latest legislation.

Web-app Development, Infrastructure, CMS


As the European Union introduces an ambitious framework to address maritime emissions, Ecostart stands firmly by shipping companies as a trusted partner. The EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS) inclusion of shipping (European Directive 2003/87/EC) from 2024, signals a significant milestone in the pursuit of reduced industry emissions.

Enyo was approached by Ecostart to develop a fleet management platform that tracks emissions and allows shipping companies to monitor and predict EU-EUAs in accordance with the latest legislation. The platform is designed to help companies manage their emissions and comply with the new regulations.

The solution is a custom platform based on Laravel with a headless frontend based on TypeScript VueJS to power their application. Using a headless CMS allows for a more flexible and scalable solution that can be easily extended and adapted to meet the needs of the business.

What we did

  • Frontend (TypeScript/VueJS)
  • Custom CMS (Laravel) 🐘
  • Prediction algorithm (Python)
  • Infrastructure

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